Saturday, January 18, 2014


This week we began our first book clubs at Seguin. Each grade level (3rd - 6th) met during their lunch to discuss...what else, books! We had a fantastic time discussing Texas Bluebonnet nominations and our favorite books ever. We even discussed ways to get kids more familiar with the many books in the library. The kids blew me away with their enthusiasm! All of the grades did a great job; however, I had to keep asking our fifth graders to be quiet. They were so excited about the different books mentioned that side discussions kept breaking out over the library. It would have been a rule-breaker if it weren't for the fact that ALL of the side discussions were about the books. And, our third and fourth graders were bummed that Monday is a holiday so no book club. I even had a number of students ask why we couldn't meet twice a week! If only we could!!!

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